Our Philosophy

wheatWe all need Liberty in our social and personal environment. We do not like for others to tell us what we need or how to live. We want democratic policies, freedom of expression, and sincere communications, as the necessary preconditions for our own happiness. Therefore, it is odd how we opt to discard those human values in the working environment, where we often put up with authoritarianism, secrecy, and closed doors.

In Liberal Consulting we know that efficient individual is the happy individual, and therefore increased productivity can only come through increased personal Freedom. 

Our vision in Liberal Consulting is the gradual transformation of business culture in Greece and Europe. We create a modern, democratic, and innovative working environment, producing reciprocal gains for all parties involved, no matter what their position is within an organisation’s structure. Our values are based upon increased freedom, increased flexibility, and increased growth.

  • In Liberal Consulting we do not sell readymade products. We design personalised options. 
  • In Liberal Consulting we do not recycle age old practices. We carve new paths into the future. 
  • In Liberal Consulting we do not change your company. We change the way you think.