Why use Liberal Consulting


Personalised Service

In Liberal Consulting we choose to operate using a federal model, as a small group of independent associates, each specialising in a different field. In this way, we offer you the maximum possible range of services, in a personal and flexible way, rejecting the rigid packages of the big consulting firms. We work closely with you, creating the unique options that are most suited to your company’s needs.

Reciprocal Gain

For Liberal Consulting you are not just a client, but a close associate. We aim to create long term business relationships that produce mutual gains for both parties. Our profit is directly related to the increase in profitability that we create for your company. It is your success that is the source of our motivation, as well as of our professional pride.

Application Focus

For us in Liberal Consulting, as in real life, is the actions that matter, not the theory. We combine the square logic of Natural Science with the business sense of Management Science. Β It is pointless for us to simply sell you a uniform rigid theoretical model, and then let you fend on your own. We work closely with you in all phases of implementation, offering direct guidance step by step and as long as it is needed.